A Necessary Ending & A New Beginning

It is after much reflection and consideration that we share the following important update with you all: after operating for the last 2.5 years as a nonprofit organization, Valerie Faust, Executive Director, and the Blossom & Flourish Board have made the decision to dissolve B&F as a nonprofit effective this March. But don't worry! While this may be the end of B&F as a nonprofit, it is not the end our vision to raise up a generation of young, empowered, female leaders. Once the nonprofit is dissolved, Blossom & Flourish will revert back to a small business, run by Valerie, with a renewed focus on licensing the B&F curriculum and growing partnerships. To learn more about the reasons for this decision and what to expect moving forward, we encourage you to watch the short video above. #BlossomandFlourish #GrowingGirlstoGreatness #Leadership #Update

#updates #nonprofit

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