Your gift is more than just a dollar amount.  It is an investment* in transforming a young girl's life - to help her see the leader she is capable of being and discover her leadership purpose.  Just $250 sponsors one student to participate in our full 33 hour program.  And, just $30 sponsors two hours of workshop participation for one student.  So please, join with us today as we seek to make our services available to more young women of diverse backgrounds than ever before.  Join us as we cultivate a generation of young, empowered, female leaders who will positively influence others and make a difference in their world.



There are two primary ways to get involved:


  1. We are always looking for other non-profits, schools, churches, and clubs to partner with and serve.  If you represent an organization that is interested in learning more about what that could look like, then please contact us today.  

  2. As we grow, we hope to grow our network of volunteers and the opportunities available to them. If you have an area of expertise you'd like to offer, or an idea about how you can contribute, please let us know!

You may also mail donations to:
Blossom & Flourish / 6 Clarion Ave / Pittsburgh, PA / 15202

*Your investment is tax deductible; Blossom & Flourish is a 501(c)(3) non-profit.